AdSense Dashboard 3.1.5

Source:Gregory Block

A dashboard view of the performance of your AdSense account.

Provides a heads-up overview over critical AdSense performance metrics, including CPM, CTR, page views, clicks, and estimated revenue, in easily-digestible form. Includes a desktop widget showing today's vital statistics.

Provides most of the content of the AdSense home page and the default report.

To use this application you must:
- Have a working, stable network connection (known bug)
- Have an existing AdSense account
- Have the Google Account associated with that account configured as an account on your phone.

NB: This is a free app - it's only going to get better if you talk to me, whether that means telling me about what you feel it needs, where the data needs clarification, or what you feel ought to be done next.

Crashes are *not* common - but if you see one, please email me. I can't fix if you don't help, and a comment here isn't a bug report - I can't get useful problem logs because it's sensitive data, so I can't find and fix bugs without an email from *you*.

Send problem reports to and I'll fix them as fast as is humanly possible.

Known issues:
- Full-screen view is set to landscape, but some devices have a funny idea of what that means; I'll try and work on a way that allows it to flip to either of the landscape directions, rather than forcing you to flip your device over.
- You can't interact properly with the full-screen graph.
- You can't change currency. (We show your AdSense account's currency.)

Features to come:
- Infinite scroll on the graph (dynamic historical query)
- More datapoints under each fact

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